The Monkey is…Me

ImageI am a music lover, bar none. I often listen to music using my mobile headphones anywhere, whether it be on my way to work or just strolling downtown. There was even this one time when I failed to hear my friend shouting my name, calling my attention from the other side of the street. I prefer to max out the volume till my ears bleed—but seriously, whenever I plug my headphones, the only sound I want to hear is the music I’m playing. By the way, the genre that I often listen to is R&B. I dunno, I think I’m just so amazed with the vocal acrobats that those kind of singers do. I’m currently trying those riffs with my own singing voice…ahem. Hey! At least I’m improving, says so my friends. Anyway, it won’t be long till I make a cover of some of the songs I love and upload them subject for your criticism. But please, don’t be harsh. Hahaha! Oops, I guess I said too much. Anyway, let’s get back to what I’m really trying to tell you guys. Unfortunately, my headphones just stopped working; I believe that happened because the part proximal to the jack always gets kinked, and just recently, it gave in.

And so, I searched for a good pair of headsets so I can go back to my passion. Remember the online store I told you earlier about? I tried searching from there, and this is what I found: A monkey wearing headsets. All of a sudden, I pictured myself as the monkey, and then it made me laugh—so hard. This just made my day. The design is so hilarious yet cool. Honestly, I’m having second thoughts of getting myself a piece of this. If you want it, you can click on the image to be redirected to the store for more details.

Oh yeah, before I sign off, I’ll soon be making my own covers of the songs I love, just as I mentioned earlier. I’m hoping that you’ll get to like my renditions once they’re out.

More details at


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