A Colossal Burger to Satisfy Your Hunger

Microblog 8Can you hear the borborygmus sound from your stomach? Then, that only means one thing: you’re hungry! And of course, the only thing left to do is to fill your empty stomach with sumptuous food that can definitely quiet its rumblings and satisfy your cravings. You can always whip up a quick snack of your liking, or the best way to beat the hunger is to bite more than you can chew. See the big burger on the left side right there? How great it is if you can chow down on a burger of that proportion, isn’t it? It’s okay to indulge in gluttony once in a while. And here I am playing the devil’s advocate.

Moving on, here goes the big question, “Where in the world can I buy a colossal burger as big as that?” Never have I seen a burger that size in real life. We can talk all day about giant burgers, but nothing will make us take a bite of that because it just doesn’t exist. Since, it’s nowhere to be found, why don’t you just have this case instead? At least, you have a colossal burger on hand; you just can’t take a bite because it’s made of polycarbonate plastic. If you find yourself interested with this, then feel free to click on the image for more details.

Argh! There goes my stomach again. Better get me something edible before I go nuts and eat anything I see. Ha!

More details at amazon.co.uk


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