Head Case Move On Life Signal Design Hard Back Case Cover

ImageAside from life being like a box of chocolates, life is also like a highway; it is continuous as the roads connecting every destination are. And along the roads we drive on, there are traffic lights. These control the flow of traffic—well, obviously. They make sure that everything goes on smoothly. A traffic light flashes a red, yellow/amber, and a green light that have their corresponding meanings. Red is for stop, yellow/amber is for slow down, and green is for “move on.” Huh? Is this right? Indeed it is, if the network of highways serves as an analogy to human life.

You see, our lives have a destination. It’s solely up to us where that destination will be. The traffic lights, as I’ve mentioned earlier, will be your signals. They will be the ones to guide you all the way. They may be in the form of your parents who raise you up well, friends who accompany you through thick and thin, challenges that you face in your everyday life, an epiphany from a life-changing event, or perhaps it may even be in the form of this mobile back case that will serve as your reminder. Just remember that life must go on notwithstanding the hardships that you face. “Moving on,” if this case matches your preference, then just click on the image for more details.

In life, you sometimes have to stop and slow down, but after those setbacks, you should always move on.

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