Head Case Hunting Cave Painting Design Back Case Cover

ImageHistory refers to past events that occurred after the invention of writing. Anything that had happened prior to that is considered prehistory. If you’ll think about it, events that weren’t within the scope of history had probably vanished to thin air, without even a hint of commemoration. The emergence of written communication had paved a way for a civilization to transmit its legacy to future generations.

And here I am today, blabbering about history and whatnot. What I just want to say is, if you want to have an allusion of the distant past, you can perhaps have an item that is all about prehistory. The design of this mobile back case portrays one of the earliest forms of art, same as the paintings found in El Castillo cave in Spain some 40,000 years ago. These paintings are mystical enough to give your iPhone a rugged and unique look. If this particular prehistory-inspired case caught your attention, then what are you waiting for? Click on the image to be redirected to the store. Take the ancient art with you by encasing your phone with this “pristine” case.

More details at amazon.co.uk


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