Head Case Poop Loading Progress Bar Design Back Case Cover

ImageWhat a witty way to express your stinking bathroom business, don’t you think? Pooping is but a normal thing we do daily. It is an essential part of the whole digestion process that rids our digestive tract of unnecessary clutter to make room for another batch of food to nourish our body. Getting your fecal matter out your system gives you a feeling of relief and comfort. However, sometimes, the timing isn’t just right. It’s such a torture to feel the uncomfortable feeling of wanting to defecate when you’re not in the comfort of your own home. Though the act is just normal, passing off stool in a public toilet can be so embarrassing.

Don’t let that thought dominate your actions. Instead, laugh it all out with the funny inspiration encrypted on this mobile case. There really are a lot of hilarious statements out there, and this one kills big time. If the humor of these words got to you, then you should get one now. Just click on the image for more details. Live out your human nature with funny expressions like this one.

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