Head Case Macabre Halloween Mix Design Protective Back Case Cover

Microblog 44Are you afraid of the dark? No?! Then, you should be. Just imagine seeing this face in a pitch black room. You might get to pee your pants if this were to appear right in front of your horrified face. Yes, you better run. Just make sure you won’t stumble.

Wait, where am I leading you on this again…Who am I kidding anyway. You’re probably past the age where the creatures of the dark frighten you to death. I know you’re already brave enough to ward them of, aren’t you? Oh well, just get yourself this creepy-looking design. Give it to your friends as a gift or whatever. Who knows, you might get to give them the creeps. If you want it, then just click on the image, and go purchase this scary design meant for the Halloween season.

More details at amazon.com


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