Head Case Skeleton Lore of Horror Design Protective Back Case

Microblog 51Let this spooky skeleton be on the watch for your iPhone 5s with this collection of Lore of Horror designed Head Case. This design will definitely look perfect on your mobile phone now that Halloween is nearing. Get this Head Case with the Skeleton Lore of Horror design, and make your iPhone 5s look creepy and eerie without compromising its protection.

The mobile back case is made of high quality and durable gloss coated polycarbonate plastic that is ultra-thin and lightweight to provide reliable protection to your device against back scratches or sudden bumps. It comes with precise port cut-outs so that you can use your iPhone’s accessories, ports, controls, and buttons conveniently. It has a snap-on feature that makes it easy to install and impossible to slip out of your phone even on daily use. Get this Skeleton Lore of Horror designed Head Case, and have the best stylish back protection on your iPhone 5s.

More details at amazon.com


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