Head Case Designs Certified Pizzaholic Back Case Cover for Apple iPhone 5, 5s

pizzaI admit; I’m a certified pizzaholic. But I bet, so are you. Who can ever resist the allure of pizza? Just imagining its cheesy layers on a thin, crunchy crust, sprinkled with your most favorite toppings (btw, I like mine meaty) can already make you crave and salivate. And not to mention the aroma of all the herbs and spices blended together into it, giving you an explosive—and orgasmic—sensation in your nose and mouth with one bite.

Whew! That got me all hungry. Anyway, why not celebrate your pizzaholic nature with these mobile back cases from Head Case Designs? You can choose from 5 designs namely: I’m a Certified Pizzaholic, Say Cheese, Diet Plan, Did Someone Say Pizza, and Weapon of Choice. So what are you waiting for? Make a certified pizzaholic shout-out through your iPhone 5 or 5s with these cases brought to you by Head Case Designs.

More details at ecell accessorize


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