Head Case Designs Be Different Protective Back Case Cover for Apple iPhone 5c

head caseDon’t you ever get tired of conformity, of the need to color inside the lines, of always following the rules, of living to the standards of others, and of not being your ‘true’ self? Well, I do, and it really is awful. More often than not, we feel like we have to create a facade in order to blend in, and that deceitful pretense sucks out all the good vibes that we have inside. But why else should we keep up with that anyway? Can’t we just be ourselves regardless if we’re different? Now is the time—the time to step out of the shadow and be who we really are.

Choose among the different designs of these back cases for your iPhone 5c from Head Case Designs to declare an end to conformity. The available designs are entitled Dare to Be Different, Fearless Individuality, Be Anything But Ordinary, Stand Out, and Be Unique. With these on your iPhone 5c, you’ll always be reminded of what you really should be doing, which is to be your true self and nothing else.

More details at ecell accessorize


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