Head Case Let’s Get Pigsical Protective Back Case Cover for BlackBerry Bold 9790

head caseDo you feel sad, lonely, or alone because of your weight? If only there’s a way to shed those unwanted, extra pounds with a snap of a finger, then you can be able to look and feel the best that you can be. Don’t get me wrong; being fat isn’t all that bad—not if you count out the health risks you’re up to. Anyway, as they say, “Brainy is the new sexy.” But if you want to start a big change on your physique, then make these active pigs your source of inspiration.

Featuring the Let’s Get Pigsical Collection brought to you by Head Case Designs—a perfect motivational piece for whoever wants to break a sweat and lose some weight. It comes in five unique designs namely: Dumbbells, Hula Hoop, Jump Rope, Step Up, and Yoga. This upcoming Christmas season, don’t let the sumptuous feast get the better of you. Stay on track on your fitness plan with the help of these back cases with adorable piglets made specially for your BlackBerry Bold 9790 from Head Case Designs.

More details at the e_cell store


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