Head Case Designs Music Genre Protective Hard Back Case Cover for HTC One Mini

head caseMusic is more than the simulating tune that is perceived by our ears. It is more than the rhythm and the melody that intertwine to create a pleasant sound. Of all that music is all about, the thing that is absolutely true is that it says much of who and what we are. That is exactly why music has been categorized into genres. The artistic natures that stood as the bases of the music genres we know have created their own distinct personality, which in turn is what we adopt depending on our choice.

Whatever your choice of music is, you can always showcase it with a mobile back case. Head Case Designs has come up with the “Music Genre” collection to give all music lovers a way to express their passion. Choose from Hiphop, Jazz, Reggae, Retro, or Rock. If you think the genre suits who you really are, then get it and display it on your HTC One Mini. Exude your love for music with these unique designs brought to you by Head Case Designs.

More details at e_cell accessorize


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