Flight Skateboards Hard Back Case for Apple iPhone 5 and 5S by Head Case Designs

Just landed! Now, ride the deck and defy gravity!

Flight Skateboards iPhone 5s Case
Flight Skateboards Design Back Case for Apple iPhone 5/5S

Skateboard fans will definitely love this for their iPhone 5/5S back case cover, though because of its cool and fashion-forward feather design, it would also cater to those who just love to give their iPhone a fashion statement with a sporty twist.

Got lots of air? Why not do the trick on your iPhone whilst being assured that it will be toughly protected? Snap it on your phone and you may now have a complete experience of adrenaline rush right on your palm! Bring this popular street sport to a level-up sophisticated arena.

Well, just a trivia here: This sport has no clear history. Many say that the idea came from surfing – bringing the fun from the waves to the street. It is continuously being molded. So, try to give it another shot of innovation and let it prevail in the limelight – into the world of gadgets and vogue.

Choose from the Skateboard collection brought to you by Head Case Designs. Do the tricks and go freestyle!

Click here for more details.


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