Paisley Bandana Gel Back Case for Apple iPhone 6 by Head Case Designs

There’s this Onion theory that’s famous in the world of Psychology. Have you heard of it? Apparently, the word onion does not only mean founder of crybaby cooks but the word itself actually goes beyond metaphorical and psychological meaning. Skeptical, are you? Brace yourself because after reading this, you will never see onions the same way again! The next lines that you will read will be one good moment of peeling without the–you’re welcome–crying.

Paisley Bandana Design Gel Case for Apple iPhone 6
Paisley Bandana Design Gel Case for Apple iPhone 6 by Head Case Designs.

According to the Onion theory, a person’s personality is like a multi-layered onion: there’s the outer layer identified as the “public personality” which everyone sees and the innermost layer that is hidden in our deepest core. That “unseen core” can only be disclosed by deep familiarization and firm relationship with another person. One peel after the other until you can get to the deepest and realest human soul. Ponder this: Are you who you really are in the eyes of other people? Ah, that’s the enigmatic question, isn’t it? The bottom-line is, there’s always some part of our mind, soul, heart, call it what you will, that’s hidden from the public.

Talk about hidden things, there’s this Paisley Bandana Gel Back case that’s perfect as cover for your iPhone 6! With the intriguing design by Head Case Designs, a girl whose half portion of the face is covered in bandana, I’m sure you’ll put on the mysterious aura too! You can have yours here


Love Autumn Hard Back Case for Sony Xperia Z3

Love Autumn Design Back Case for Sony Xperia Z3
Love Autumn Design Back Case for Sony Xperia Z3 by Head Case Designs

Fall–it could mean the act of collapsing without control, the season where leaves foliage clatter on the ground or to talk on the poetical side, it could mean the act of falling in love. One word with four letters and the meaning goes on! Whatever your definition may be, Head Case Designs has got all of these meanings styled up in glam and fashion with one heartwarming back case!

Lovers out there who got picked by Cupid’s arrow are on for a tender delight with a Love Autumn design Back Case for Sony Xperia Z3! The season may now be at a chilly but the hearts are forever at warmth. Wear your heart on your sleeve as you cover your phone with a design that lights up the day bringing with it the gust of autumn love. You may now not only have forever marked on your hearts because with this case, you can have forever on your cases as well while safely protecting your phones the right way! Looking at the design, the promise of forever is most especially seen, eh?

As Autumn or interchangeably known as Fall in North America is a season filled with change, try styling up your phone into a cozy appeal as you transform your smart phone into one heck of a warmth-struck, heart-easing head case!

Feel uplifted while you take in all the comfy and delightful pleasures in life as you style your phone with warmth in this Love Autumn Design Back Case—metaphorically and literally!

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Enchant Faces in Watercolor Back Case for Nokia Lumia 1520

Enchant Faces in Watercolor Back Case for Nokia Lumia 1520
Enchant Faces in Watercolor Back Case for Nokia Lumia 1520

Somewhere far ages ago, we all had that artistic appeal in us. At the age of three, we were taught to use crayons and color pictures inside the drawing lines. But truth to be told, didn’t we all mess up on that part? From drawing incomprehensible pictures to enriching our creative minds! Boy, wasn’t all that part of the past! From then on, everything about art and drawing vanished into thin air—well, that’s if you aren’t part of the gifted ones who pursued the artistic path, on which I am given the right to envy you!

Well, for those who were sleeping while the big Guy up there poured artistic blessings on Earth, we could just probably enjoy the creation of those with the beautiful minds! After all, talents of each person must be celebrated in life! And what is art for? Hello, hello to the expression of one’s self! We may not be able to express ourselves artistically; we could always have someone to express those thoughts for us! So why not take on the first step to the artistic side with this enchant faces in watercolor by Head Case Designs? Get this for your Nokia Lumia 1520 and who knows, this artistic case might probably be the key to awakening that hidden Picasso in you!

Get yours for Nokia Lumia 1520 here.

Flight Skateboards Hard Back Case for Apple iPhone 5 and 5S by Head Case Designs

Just landed! Now, ride the deck and defy gravity!

Flight Skateboards iPhone 5s Case
Flight Skateboards Design Back Case for Apple iPhone 5/5S

Skateboard fans will definitely love this for their iPhone 5/5S back case cover, though because of its cool and fashion-forward feather design, it would also cater to those who just love to give their iPhone a fashion statement with a sporty twist.

Got lots of air? Why not do the trick on your iPhone whilst being assured that it will be toughly protected? Snap it on your phone and you may now have a complete experience of adrenaline rush right on your palm! Bring this popular street sport to a level-up sophisticated arena.

Well, just a trivia here: This sport has no clear history. Many say that the idea came from surfing – bringing the fun from the waves to the street. It is continuously being molded. So, try to give it another shot of innovation and let it prevail in the limelight – into the world of gadgets and vogue.

Choose from the Skateboard collection brought to you by Head Case Designs. Do the tricks and go freestyle!

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Groupie Skull of Rock Design Back Case for Apple iPhone 6 Plus by Head Case Designs

Bring out the fierce rocker and elegant fashionista in you!

Head Case Designs Groupie Skull of Rock Design Back Case for Apple iPhone 6 Plus
Groupie Skull of Rock Design Back Case for Apple iPhone 6 Plus by Head Case Designs

Thinking about Avril Lavigne, Amy Lee of Evanescence, Hayley Williams of Paramore, or Rihanna?! They rocked the world, right? (Not just with their music, but also with their style) If you’re a self-confessed rocker, or you just want to have that same level of aura, you need to have that kind of confidence! No second guessing of oneself; no pressure. Stand up for what you believe in as long as you harm none!

Skull, eh? Nonchalant, but definitely not outdated. In high-end fashion industries, skull design is insanely used into mainstream culture. This timeless hot motif, as known fashion icons and stylists consider it, is the transition of scary to stylish look. Be bold and tough! Be edgy and fearless; be you!

If want to be both a rocker and be feverishly chic, you might want to check this cool and irresistible iPhone 6 Plus back case from Head Case Designs, and give your mobile phone a stylish look that will perfectly amplify your personality. Change the symbolic meaning of skull from death to immortal beauty with the “Groupie Skull of Rock” collection – in which music and fashion collide.

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