Flight Skateboards Hard Back Case for Apple iPhone 5 and 5S by Head Case Designs

Just landed! Now, ride the deck and defy gravity!

Flight Skateboards iPhone 5s Case
Flight Skateboards Design Back Case for Apple iPhone 5/5S

Skateboard fans will definitely love this for their iPhone 5/5S back case cover, though because of its cool and fashion-forward feather design, it would also cater to those who just love to give their iPhone a fashion statement with a sporty twist.

Got lots of air? Why not do the trick on your iPhone whilst being assured that it will be toughly protected? Snap it on your phone and you may now have a complete experience of adrenaline rush right on your palm! Bring this popular street sport to a level-up sophisticated arena.

Well, just a trivia here: This sport has no clear history. Many say that the idea came from surfing – bringing the fun from the waves to the street. It is continuously being molded. So, try to give it another shot of innovation and let it prevail in the limelight – into the world of gadgets and vogue.

Choose from the Skateboard collection brought to you by Head Case Designs. Do the tricks and go freestyle!

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Groupie Skull of Rock Design Back Case for Apple iPhone 6 Plus by Head Case Designs

Bring out the fierce rocker and elegant fashionista in you!

Head Case Designs Groupie Skull of Rock Design Back Case for Apple iPhone 6 Plus
Groupie Skull of Rock Design Back Case for Apple iPhone 6 Plus by Head Case Designs

Thinking about Avril Lavigne, Amy Lee of Evanescence, Hayley Williams of Paramore, or Rihanna?! They rocked the world, right? (Not just with their music, but also with their style) If you’re a self-confessed rocker, or you just want to have that same level of aura, you need to have that kind of confidence! No second guessing of oneself; no pressure. Stand up for what you believe in as long as you harm none!

Skull, eh? Nonchalant, but definitely not outdated. In high-end fashion industries, skull design is insanely used into mainstream culture. This timeless hot motif, as known fashion icons and stylists consider it, is the transition of scary to stylish look. Be bold and tough! Be edgy and fearless; be you!

If want to be both a rocker and be feverishly chic, you might want to check this cool and irresistible iPhone 6 Plus back case from Head Case Designs, and give your mobile phone a stylish look that will perfectly amplify your personality. Change the symbolic meaning of skull from death to immortal beauty with the “Groupie Skull of Rock” collection – in which music and fashion collide.

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Head Case Designs Music Genre Protective Hard Back Case Cover for HTC One Mini

head caseMusic is more than the simulating tune that is perceived by our ears. It is more than the rhythm and the melody that intertwine to create a pleasant sound. Of all that music is all about, the thing that is absolutely true is that it says much of who and what we are. That is exactly why music has been categorized into genres. The artistic natures that stood as the bases of the music genres we know have created their own distinct personality, which in turn is what we adopt depending on our choice.

Whatever your choice of music is, you can always showcase it with a mobile back case. Head Case Designs has come up with the “Music Genre” collection to give all music lovers a way to express their passion. Choose from Hiphop, Jazz, Reggae, Retro, or Rock. If you think the genre suits who you really are, then get it and display it on your HTC One Mini. Exude your love for music with these unique designs brought to you by Head Case Designs.

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Head Case Designs Alienate Hard Back Case Cover for Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 S7270

head caseThere is this ongoing question that is nowhere easy to be answered, and it is, “Are we alone?” Perhaps, if this be negated, all of we know about our existence will change radically. There are a lot of speculations saying that extraterrestrial life is real. Others even come up with photos that show signs of aliens. But as far as evidences are concerned, the only things that can prove this claim are ambiguous images that seem like hitches, while some are suspiciously tampered. Be that as it may, wouldn’t it be interestingly scary to know that we really are not alone?

You need not to look even further, for the “Alienate” collection by Head Case Designs brings the aliens up close to your Samsung Galaxy Ace 3. You can choose among the out-of-this-world life-forms, namely Mastermind, Blue Soldier, Red Soldier, Spaceship Trooper, and Warhead. Alienate your world with these mobile back cases brought to you by Head Case Designs.

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Head Case Fruitylicious Design Protective Back Case Cover for BlackBerry Q10

head caseWe all have distinct tastes when it comes to food. Some prefer it light, crisp, and healthy by munching on nothing but greens, while there are those who like it heavy, meaty, and juicy by of course devouring tender animal flesh that sticks to the bone. It isn’t only limited to that. You may find people who have a sweet tooth for all sorts of desserts. And you certainly have to include fruits on the list. Not only that they are delicious; they are fresh, organic, and nutritious, too.

Show your love for these sweet foods by wrapping your BlackBerry Q10 with these fruit-inspired mobile back cases from the “Fruitylicious Design” collection by Head Case Designs. You can choose from these fruity delights, namely Kiwi, Lemon, Lime, Papaya, and Watermelon. Give your phone a fruity, delectable makeover with these mouth-watering cases brought to you by Head Case Designs.

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Head Case Designs Food Mood Protective Snap-on Back Case Cover for HTC Desire C

head caseEating is such a pleasurable experience, isn’t it? We eat not only to sustain life, but we eat to fulfil our deepest desires. The mere sight (or thought) of the food we love can already make us go on an eating-spree. Mix that together with its aroma that invites hunger even more. And it gets more exciting when its flavor explodes on our palette and its texture brushes in our entire mouth. Definitely, you will be able to feel the surge of ecstasy once you take a bite. However, although we love food so much, there are times when our cravings don’t appeal to our mood.

As moody as we can get, we have to remember that foods can become moody, too. Take this “Food Mood” collection from Head Case Designs for example. Now, even the food you eat can show how it feels. You can choose among these moody foods Angry Burger, Sweet Doughnut, Curious Fries, Cool Ice Cream, and Sleeping Rice Ball. Have these unique designs on your HTC Desire C, and take your opinion of food to a more fun level with these mobile cases brought to you by Head Case Designs.

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Head Case Rocket Monsters Protective Hard Back Case Cover for Apple iPhone 4 4s

head caseRockets gained extreme popularity in the 20th century, especially when they made space exploration possible. The technology that rockets had brought forth realized the momentous event of a man setting foot on the moon. But in reality, rockets have already been used for military and recreational purposes, which date back at least in the 13th century in China. It only became a nuisance in these modern days, so to speak. As John Carmack, a game programmer, once said, “Rocket science has been mythologized all out of proportion to its true difficulty.” Nothing is more brain-busting and nerve-racking than its overall complexity.

And so, why not integrate a little bit of quirkiness and fun to these explosive marvels? Presenting the “Rocket Monsters” collection from Head Case Designs for your iPhone 4 4s—a set of horrific, monster-like creatures that come in the form of rockets. Choose among these unique monster rocket patterns, namely Aztec, Cool, Rover, Space, and Vintage. Let sparks fly with these mobile back cases brought to you by Head Case Designs.

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