Paisley Bandana Gel Back Case for Apple iPhone 6 by Head Case Designs

There’s this Onion theory that’s famous in the world of Psychology. Have you heard of it? Apparently, the word onion does not only mean founder of crybaby cooks but the word itself actually goes beyond metaphorical and psychological meaning. Skeptical, are you? Brace yourself because after reading this, you will never see onions the same way again! The next lines that you will read will be one good moment of peeling without the–you’re welcome–crying.

Paisley Bandana Design Gel Case for Apple iPhone 6
Paisley Bandana Design Gel Case for Apple iPhone 6 by Head Case Designs.

According to the Onion theory, a person’s personality is like a multi-layered onion: there’s the outer layer identified as the “public personality” which everyone sees and the innermost layer that is hidden in our deepest core. That “unseen core” can only be disclosed by deep familiarization and firm relationship with another person. One peel after the other until you can get to the deepest and realest human soul. Ponder this: Are you who you really are in the eyes of other people? Ah, that’s the enigmatic question, isn’t it? The bottom-line is, there’s always some part of our mind, soul, heart, call it what you will, that’s hidden from the public.

Talk about hidden things, there’s this Paisley Bandana Gel Back case that’s perfect as cover for your iPhone 6! With the intriguing design by Head Case Designs, a girl whose half portion of the face is covered in bandana, I’m sure you’ll put on the mysterious aura too! You can have yours here