The flowers have bloomed and this time it’s not only through the soil that they’re growing.  They have found their way to luster freely and stylishly upon a clear case. Not everything that glows is magic, my friend. Sometimes it’s just your phone showcasing a fancy flowery glint!

Clear Random Hepatica Floral Pattern Case for Apple iPhone 5 by Head Case Designs
Clear Random Hepatica Floral Pattern Case for Apple iPhone 5 by Head Case Designs

Make the flamboyant style grow wildly on your case and let your phone laugh in flowers! Featuring the enigmatic Hepatica flower pattern—lovers of warm colors will surely radiate tenderness through their phones with a case that blossoms in joy. As Hepatica is known to be the first flower of spring, your case will—in no doubt– herald a morning light of delicate glow where spirits are lifted up and at a burst!

There’s no denying about what flowers can do! So let’s make the flower power shine on with a Case that does not only delight but also protects! It’s no sneaky thing this time of the famous “he loves me, he loves me not” game because all is well and secured with a case that features petals at a feast!

Let your iPhone 5 be blooming in Hepatica! And though this case may look simple, just like a flower it does not compete. Because, my friend, it solely lets itself bloom…in style.

Grab this for your iPhone 5/5S here.


Snowfall Winter Prints Back Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Ho! Ho! Ho!  Ready your warm covers folks as Head Case designs bring you a Winter wonderland experience!

Snowball fight, warm clothes, children wondering about Rudolph the red-nosed Reindeer, the Christmas in the air– what is it exactly about this season that makes everything feel so at peace and right?

Snowfall Winter Prints Back Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 by Head Case Designs
Snowfall Winter Prints Back Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 by Head Case Designs

Well, you know what they say, with winter season comes the celebration of Christmas! And with Christmas goes after an endless list of preparation: not much, actually, just the likes of buying new clothes, decorating houses with Christmas lights and a lot more efforts we probably know not of that make everything be transformed to celebrate the season.

But heads up! As we talk of transformation, what better way to celebrate the holidays but with a head case cover that stylizes your phone and matches it up with the wintry season? Head Case Designs gives an early treat for you and your phone with Snowfall Winter Prints Hard Back Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 4! This time, your phone deserves some special makeover too!

Make your holidays more joyous as you style your phone with head case that shrugs off the winter blues away! Winter season may be chilly and all, but you can always get the right cover of fashion-forward style and protection for your phone! With the season of gift-giving and love, why not make this season a lot merrier as you transform your phone from ordinary to being trendy and up for the holidays! Better yet, you can even have this as a gift for your friends! Cover your phone with a snowfall design and though “snow may be thrilling, we’ll frolic and play the Eskimo way,” with Head Case Designs!

Enchant Faces in Watercolor Back Case for Nokia Lumia 1520

Enchant Faces in Watercolor Back Case for Nokia Lumia 1520
Enchant Faces in Watercolor Back Case for Nokia Lumia 1520

Somewhere far ages ago, we all had that artistic appeal in us. At the age of three, we were taught to use crayons and color pictures inside the drawing lines. But truth to be told, didn’t we all mess up on that part? From drawing incomprehensible pictures to enriching our creative minds! Boy, wasn’t all that part of the past! From then on, everything about art and drawing vanished into thin air—well, that’s if you aren’t part of the gifted ones who pursued the artistic path, on which I am given the right to envy you!

Well, for those who were sleeping while the big Guy up there poured artistic blessings on Earth, we could just probably enjoy the creation of those with the beautiful minds! After all, talents of each person must be celebrated in life! And what is art for? Hello, hello to the expression of one’s self! We may not be able to express ourselves artistically; we could always have someone to express those thoughts for us! So why not take on the first step to the artistic side with this enchant faces in watercolor by Head Case Designs? Get this for your Nokia Lumia 1520 and who knows, this artistic case might probably be the key to awakening that hidden Picasso in you!

Get yours for Nokia Lumia 1520 here.

Flight Skateboards Hard Back Case for Apple iPhone 5 and 5S by Head Case Designs

Just landed! Now, ride the deck and defy gravity!

Flight Skateboards iPhone 5s Case
Flight Skateboards Design Back Case for Apple iPhone 5/5S

Skateboard fans will definitely love this for their iPhone 5/5S back case cover, though because of its cool and fashion-forward feather design, it would also cater to those who just love to give their iPhone a fashion statement with a sporty twist.

Got lots of air? Why not do the trick on your iPhone whilst being assured that it will be toughly protected? Snap it on your phone and you may now have a complete experience of adrenaline rush right on your palm! Bring this popular street sport to a level-up sophisticated arena.

Well, just a trivia here: This sport has no clear history. Many say that the idea came from surfing – bringing the fun from the waves to the street. It is continuously being molded. So, try to give it another shot of innovation and let it prevail in the limelight – into the world of gadgets and vogue.

Choose from the Skateboard collection brought to you by Head Case Designs. Do the tricks and go freestyle!

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Head Case Poop Loading Progress Bar Design Back Case Cover

ImageWhat a witty way to express your stinking bathroom business, don’t you think? Pooping is but a normal thing we do daily. It is an essential part of the whole digestion process that rids our digestive tract of unnecessary clutter to make room for another batch of food to nourish our body. Getting your fecal matter out your system gives you a feeling of relief and comfort. However, sometimes, the timing isn’t just right. It’s such a torture to feel the uncomfortable feeling of wanting to defecate when you’re not in the comfort of your own home. Though the act is just normal, passing off stool in a public toilet can be so embarrassing.

Don’t let that thought dominate your actions. Instead, laugh it all out with the funny inspiration encrypted on this mobile case. There really are a lot of hilarious statements out there, and this one kills big time. If the humor of these words got to you, then you should get one now. Just click on the image for more details. Live out your human nature with funny expressions like this one.

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Head Case Move On Life Signal Design Hard Back Case Cover

ImageAside from life being like a box of chocolates, life is also like a highway; it is continuous as the roads connecting every destination are. And along the roads we drive on, there are traffic lights. These control the flow of traffic—well, obviously. They make sure that everything goes on smoothly. A traffic light flashes a red, yellow/amber, and a green light that have their corresponding meanings. Red is for stop, yellow/amber is for slow down, and green is for “move on.” Huh? Is this right? Indeed it is, if the network of highways serves as an analogy to human life.

You see, our lives have a destination. It’s solely up to us where that destination will be. The traffic lights, as I’ve mentioned earlier, will be your signals. They will be the ones to guide you all the way. They may be in the form of your parents who raise you up well, friends who accompany you through thick and thin, challenges that you face in your everyday life, an epiphany from a life-changing event, or perhaps it may even be in the form of this mobile back case that will serve as your reminder. Just remember that life must go on notwithstanding the hardships that you face. “Moving on,” if this case matches your preference, then just click on the image for more details.

In life, you sometimes have to stop and slow down, but after those setbacks, you should always move on.

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